Strengthen Animal Protection Laws by Gathering Signatures at an Event Near You!

Strengthen Animal Protection Laws by Gathering Signatures at an Event Near You!

Animals raised for food production are denied the simplest things we take for granted like walking or even turning around. They are treated like objects, yet they are sentient beings who feel love, pain, desperation and loss, just like us.

How can we justify treating them this way?

They deserve better than this...

Right now, you have a chance to help them!

Prevent Cruelty California has launched a powerful 2018 ballot measure to ban the most extreme and cruel forms of confinement for farmed animals. If successful, this measure will prevent the cruel confinement of farmed animals and ban them from being crammed into cages so small that they cannot turn around or even spread their wings.

We have just 11 weeks left to reach 365,000 (on-paper) signatures to qualify for the ballot – it’s an ambitious goal, but many hands make light work!

However, we need more volunteers, which is why we’re reaching out to every single Californian who is passionate about strengthening animal welfare laws to get involved.

It's easier than you think!

1. Click here to find a signature gathering event near YOU and sign up to volunteer!
The campaign will send you everything you need. (No prior experience necessary!)

2. Pass around the ballot petition forms to your family and friends. Let them know that you’re passionate about improving animal protection laws and how they can help too!

3. Attend a local event to help boost your signatures! (Bonus: You get in your Fitbit steps for the day!)

4. Mail back your signatures when you're finished. (Easy instructions and return-paid envelopes provided!)

Every single signature you collect will bring us one step closer to our goal. These animals have done nothing to deserve a life sentence of suffering in factory farms. It's time to speak up for them.

It's time to change the law in California!

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