Tell Bull Riding Sponsors: Don’t Support Animal Cruelty!

Tell Bull Riding Sponsors: Don’t Support Animal Cruelty!

Help us stop the Professional Bull Rider's Iron Cowboy bull riding competition on February 8 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Please join us and fellow activist efforts to cancel this violent, dangerous, and deadly competition before anyone else gets hurt!

To exhibit the desired frantic behaviors of the bulls in bull riding contests, bulls are provoked and routinely fitted with tight, painful flank straps, kicked with spurs, and shocked with 5,000-volt electric prods.

As bulls—who are generally docile animals—buck wildly to rid themselves of these tools of torment, they often suffer broken limbs, cardiac arrest, punctured lungs, torn ligaments, ruptured organs, broken necks, crushed tracheas, and severe emotional trauma.

Because of an unwillingness by competition organizers to spend money, injured bulls are often killed rather than provided with desperately needed veterinary care. Bull riders can also suffer serious injuries and death. A University of Calgary study found rodeo contestants are 20 times more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries than football players.

What YOU Can Do:

We have teamed up with a coalition of animal advocacy organizations to urge Iron Cowboy sponsors to divest in this cruel and inhumane display of animal suffering. If their sponsorships are not dropped, the coalition will protest the Professional Bull Riders’ animal abusing tour at the arena. Join our efforts by taking the actions below!

1. Call the event sponsors list shown below and ask them not to sponsor the Iron Cowboy bull-riding competition at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. 

5.11 Tactical, 866-451-1726, press #2 for customer service

Monster Energy Drink, 800-426-7367, ask the receptionist to transfer you to consumer relations

Rogue Fitness, 614-358-6190, press #1 for customer service

Cooper Tires, 419-423-1321, ask the receptionist to direct you to Jessica Egerton, Director of Brand Development

Wrangler, 888-784-8571, press #1 for an agent

Say something like, “Bull riding is cruel and sometimes deadly to animals and not safe for people either. Don’t sponsor cruelty. Please drop your sponsorship of Professional Bull Riders’ Iron Cowboy bull riding contest at the Staples Center in February.”

2. Urge Ford Motor Company and Wrangler to drop their sponsorship of Professional Bull Riders’ Iron Cowboy bull riding competition on Twitter.

3. If you live in Southern California, join our protest at the Staples Center on February 8.

4. Sign our letter urging sponsors Rogue Fitness, Cooper Tires, Kontoor Brands, Monster Beverage Corporation, and Ford Motor Company Fund to drop their support of Professional Bull Riders’ Unleash the Beast tour, which features the Iron Cowboy bull riding competition.

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