Tyson Foods: Stop Labeling Cruel Products as Plant Based!

Tyson Foods: Stop Labeling Cruel Products as Plant Based!

Tyson Foods recently released a line of vegetarian chicken nuggets labeled “100 percent plant-based.” Many compassionate people look for plant-based foods to avoid harming animals, but Tyson’s nuggets contain products of extreme animal suffering. Please join us in urging Tyson to halt this dishonest marketing and offer genuine plant-based products which don’t harm animals!

While releasing vegetarian products is a commendable step in the right direction, labeling them as “plant-based” is misleading since the phrase has traditionally been used to distinguish vegan foods which exclude dairy and eggs. Forcing hens and cows to produce mass quantities of eggs and milk involves severe cruelty and consumers have the right to be able to tell the difference when selecting which products to buy.

Layer hens are housed in tiny metal cages where they have less than a square foot of living space; they don’t have enough room to fully spread out even one wing. Since male chicks can’t lay eggs, they are killed on their first day of life, usually by being ground up alive.

Dairy cows also suffer tremendously. They are forcefully impregnated and have their calves stolen from them soon after birth. The babies are either immediately killed or sent to veal farms for weeks of prolonged torture and nutrient deprivation which keeps their flesh “soft.”

Consumers follow a plant-based diet in order to avoid participating in these atrocities, but many will be swindled into supporting them by Tyson Foods’ deceitful advertising.

As one of the nation’s largest food companies, Tyson Foods is uniquely positioned to aid a societal shift towards plant-based living. Offering genuine plant-based products is not just the right thing to do, but is also a wise business decision. Sales of vegan egg substitutes jumped by 16 percent between 2017-2018, while sales of plant-based dairy jumped by 50 percent! By contrast, cow’s milk sales declined by six percent.

It’s abundantly clear that plant-based products are the future. Companies able to foresee this future and respond to consumer demand will be on the right side of history and reap the most profit.

Tyson Foods is taking large steps in the right direction and it shouldn’t muddy those steps with unethical marketing ploys. In the long run, they will hurt the company by eroding consumers’ trust in its integrity. We hope Tyson Foods will stop mislabeling its vegetarian chicken nuggets and start offering authentic plant-based foods which exclude all animal products.

What You Can Do

1) Phone Tyson Foods at 800-233-6332. Calling is one of the most effective actions you can take for animals. Companies may be able to filter or ignore emailed letters, but they can't avoid phone calls as easily. Here’s an example of what you can say:

Hi, my name is _______. I’m calling in regard to the Raised & Rooted Nuggets which were recently released by Tyson Foods. Labeling this product as “plant-based” is misleading since it contains eggs and dairy. Saying “plant-based” is bad enough, but saying “100% plant based” adds insult to injury! While I applaud the company for offering vegetarian products, I am deeply disappointed by this dishonest marketing approach. I hope Tyson Foods will start offering genuine plant-based foods which don’t contribute to the horrific cruelty perpetrated by the dairy and egg industries.

2) We can all work to convince companies to make animal friendly business decisions by transitioning ourselves to a plant-based diet. Learn how to begin by downloading our free and simple starter guide today:

3) After you call, please send Tyson Foods our follow-up letter by filling out the form on this page.

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