Urge Wendy’s to Save Millions of Animals!

Urge Wendy’s to Save Millions of Animals!

Wendy’s—the nation’s seventh-largest fast food chain—slaughters millions of animals per year to satisfy the appetites of consumers. If convenient and tasty plant-based alternatives were accessible to Wendy’s customers, a countless number of animals’ lives could be spared. Please join us in urging Wendy’s to offer vegan menu options to help society evolve toward compassionate, eco-conscious living!

Animals endure unimaginable suffering in Wendy’s supply chain. Hens exploited to lay eggs are confined to tiny, cramped cages where they have less than a square foot of living space, and chickens exploited for their flesh are crammed into ammonia-reeking sheds. While Wendy’s has committed to phase out gestation crates, pigs currently continue to suffer in torturous confinement which prevents them from turning around. Although plant-based options won’t end this cruelty entirely, it will help reduce it by diverting customers away from meat, dairy, and eggs. Animal-friendly alternatives will also help people who have chosen to become vegan stay vegan making vegan options more accessible.

In 2015, Wendy’s began offering black bean burgers but discontinued them shortly after. Since then, many other chains including Baskin Robbins, Red Robin, Carl’s Jr., and Blaze Pizza have released plant-based options with dazzling success. Others, like Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), started testing vegan dishes. with KFC’s vegan chicken nuggets debut completely selling out in less than five hours.

Wendy’s acknowledges the incredible success of the vegan options offered by its competitors and recently said that “ plant-based a trend that will be here to stay.” We hope this acknowledgment will move beyond mere words and toward actions that save lives!

What You Can Do

Contact Wendy’s by calling or texting, commenting on social media, and by sending our letter to request vegan options.

1. Call or text Wendy's at 888.624.8140

As an example, you can say or text:

"Hi Wendy's, my name is ____. I'm wondering if you will be launching some new plant-based menu options soon? Thanks!"

2. Write a comment on Wendy’s Facebook page or send a tweet!

@Wendys Please launch some #plantbased menu options. I’ll be the first in line to buy them when you do!

3. Submit our letter to Wendy’s CEO, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Development Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Chief Communications Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary by filling out the form on this page.

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