Vegan Product “JUST Egg 2.0” Saves Over 20,000 Animals!

Vegan Product “JUST Egg 2.0” Saves Over 20,000 Animals!

Famous for its cookie doughs and plant-based mayonnaises, the JUST brand is set to launch a tasty and convenient liquid “egg” product (made from mung beans) nationwide in grocery chains, Sprouts Farmers Market this March, and Whole Foods this April.

The Just Egg 2.0 equivalent of four million conventional eggs have already sold at trial locations across the US and China. In effect, this has prevented over 10,000 hens from being bred against their will into horrendous lives of intensive farming and slaughter, and an additional 10,000 male baby chicks from being ruthlessly ground-up alive in hatcheries. With the national roll-out of JUST Egg 2.0 in a few short weeks, the increased availability of this product coupled with a prospective spike in sales is set to save millions more animals from the grim fate of the conventional egg industry.

Every year in the US, over 300 million baby male chicks are killed in hatcheries by the egg industry. They are killed for two reasons: they cannot lay eggs, and their particular breed is not profitable to raise for meat production. In other words, the egg industry deems these vulnerable baby animals worthless.

In hatcheries, while the males are slaughtered, the female baby chicks are sent to a different rooms to be painfully debeaked and boxed for shipping to various egg farms. The majority (95%) will be confined to tiny metal cages inside windowless sheds for their entire lives. During their lives, they will also be starved and exposed to long stretches of artificial lighting to induce faster egg-laying cycles, and breathe in lung-burning amounts of ammonia from the waste of thousands of other birds who are trapped inside with them. They will suffer in these conditions for approximately one year until their bodies are so exhausted that the hatcheries can’t extract any more profit from them. Then they are sent to a terrifying end at a slaughterhouse.

Plant-based products like JUST Egg are vital to making the barbaric practices of the egg industry redundant, so let’s push for its success to save millions of animals! You can help by asking your local grocery stores or restaurants to stock Just Egg by following the links on this page: and by learning how to transition to a vegan lifestyle: Vegan Starter Kit

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