WATCH: Los Angeles Supporters Unite for Ocean Conservation at Tides of Change Luncheon

WATCH: Los Angeles Supporters Unite for Ocean Conservation at Tides of Change Luncheon

On June 6, 2024, In Defense of Animals held an unforgettable event, the Tides of Change: Ocean Conservation Luncheon at the innovative Ma-Kin Vegan Sushi in Agoura Hills, California. It was an event filled with passion, inspiration, and a shared commitment to defending oceans and marine life.

Oceans are the lifeblood of our planet, covering more than 70% of the Earth's surface and home to a vast diversity of life. They regulate our climate and support beautiful and vastly diverse wildlife, while producing half of the oxygen we breathe. Yet, despite their immense importance, oceans are under unprecedented threat from pollution, fishing, the climate crisis, and habitat destruction. The only way to prevent devastation is to create change now.

The luncheon kicked off with an enlightening panel discussion featuring In Defense of Animals’ ocean trailblazers, hosted by Jane Elizabeth, our Senior Director of People & Operations. Lisa Levinson, our Campaigns Director, shared captivating tales from In Defense of Animals’ vast 40-year journey in securing legal protections and rallying grassroots efforts for marine animals. Katie Nolan, our enthusiastic Wild Animals Campaign Specialist, and Brittany Michelson, our dedicated Captive Animals Campaign Specialist, shared thought-provoking insights into the evolving landscape of animal rights, environmental responsibility, and our role in protecting the world’s oceans and the animals who live there. Each speaker illuminated the crucial work being done to protect our animal counterparts worldwide, and left us with actionable steps to make a real difference every day.

The afternoon continued with a delightful culinary experience provided by Ma-Kin Vegan Sushi, known for its cutting-edge plant-based creations. Attendees indulged in a delectable assortment of vegan sushi rolls, appetizers, and desserts, showcasing that compassionate dining can be as flavorful as it is fulfilling.

Guests enjoyed the opportunity to make connections, have deep conversations, and meet face to face with some of the In Defense of Animals team, including Dr. Marilyn Kroplick, our President. Adding a touch of artistic brilliance to the luncheon was Sean Hill, whose talent as a spoken word artist captivated the audience. He reminded everyone that as humans, we are capable of changing the world, one action at a time.

We’d like to express heartfelt gratitude to all supporters, sponsors, and friends whose generosity and dedication made the day not just a success, but a meaningful step forward in the fight for animal rights. Their unwavering commitment ensures that In Defense of Animals can continue advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves. The event was made possible thanks to Stéphanie Gérard, our Outreach Specialist, who worked with Jane Elizabeth to plan and produce the event, and of course the rest of the In Defense of Animals team who made this event so incredible.

The Tides of Change Luncheon was more than a gathering; it was a testament to the power of community and compassion. Each special in-person event like this one is a moment to connect with In Defense of Animals supporters like you and reaffirm our collective dedication to creating a kinder world for all beings. As we reflect on the insights shared and connections made, one thing is clear: together, we can turn the tide toward a future where every animal and every ecosystem is valued and protected.

Join us in our mission and act now to turn the tides and protect our world’s oceans. 

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