What You Should Know About "Right to Farm" Laws

What You Should Know About "Right to Farm" Laws

There’s 3 things that everyone should know about “Right to Farm” laws:

1.    They grant legal immunity to mega factory farms

2.    They can block new laws designed to protect the environment

3.    They have the power to block new laws designed to protect farmed animals

And all 50 U.S. states have them.

Right to Farm laws were originally created to safeguard small family farms from local nuisance lawsuits, such as complaints about smell, noise and pollution from neighboring households. But today these laws are being abused by Big Ag to shield mega factory farms against new environmental and animal protection laws. Why? Because implementing new animal protection laws, such as banning battery cages, is an expensive process. Right to Farm laws are being used as an easy way to refuse making legally required improvements to animal farming practices.

Ultimately, Big Ag cares not about the animals, nor the environment, but only its bottom line: profit.

The best way to protect both the environment and farmed animals from cruelty is to leave them off our plates. Click here to learn how you can switch to a delicious and compassionate plant-based diet.

Already veg and want to do more? Lend your voice to exploited farmed animals by signing up for our action alerts.


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