Updated March 2020: Vegan Fast Food Options On the Go!

Updated March 2020: Vegan Fast Food Options On the Go!

You’re on the road, you’ve recently become vegan, and you need something to eat, but all you see are fast food chains. Don’t stress! We’ve got you covered.

Use this list to find a quick and easy vegan meal!

Lentils & vegetable protein bowl with brown rice; hearty blueberry or classic oatmeal; plain, sprouted, cinnamon raisin or blueberry bagels; Vegan Superberry Açaí bowl; Emmy’s organic coconut vanilla or dark cacao cookies; Bissinger’s 75% dark chocolate or sea salt mini chocolates; Dang sticky rice chips, Hippeas organic chickpea puffs, That’s It fruit bars, and Simply Salted kettle potato chips.

Tip: ask for Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter or Almond Butter, agave syrup, or avocado spread for a tasty breakfast bagel! If ordering oatmeal, order with steamed soy, almond, or coconut milk in place of dairy milk.


Step 1: Choose a vegan bread: Italian bread, Hearty Italian Bread, Roasted Garlic Bread, Sourdough, and the Wrap bread are all vegan.

Step 2: Add your favorite veg fillings.

Step 3: Choose a vegan sauce: Buffalo Sauce, Yellow Mustard, Brown Mustard, Oil, Vinegar, Subway Vinaigrette, Sweet Onion Sauce, and Guacamole.

Tip: the minestrone soup is vegan. Unfortunately, the regular veggie patty contains egg. Ask if the franchise has the falafel, black bean, or Malibu Garden patty for a heartier sub! They’re now available at over 500 Subway locations and expanding due to popular demand. Subway is also trialing a Beyond Meat Meatball Marinara sandwich at select locations!

Taco Bell
There are so many vegan options at Taco Bell that you can order almost anything off the menu by swapping meat for beans (at no extra charge) and asking for it “fresco style”— this means the cheese and sour cream will be replaced with pico de gallo salsa. The guacamole and all its salsas are also vegan!

Tip: add potatoes and guacamole to your burrito or taco for a super filling meal. If you’re after something sweet, the cinnamon twists are vegan too!

This March 2020, Taco Bell announced it will add plant-based meat to its menu in the next year, so stay tuned!

Del Taco
Similar to Taco Bell, you can order most things off the menu at Del Taco by swapping meat for Beyond Meat Crumbles or beans and omitting the cheese, sour cream, and rice*. The crinkle-cut fries and hash brown sticks are also vegan, as are the following sauces and salsas: cilantro sauce, pico de gallo salsa, green sauce, red sauce, salsa casera, taco sauce, and California chili sauce.

Tip: *unfortunately, the rice is usually not vegan as it’s cooked with lard. Ask your location If they cook their rice with lard to be sure.

TGI Friday’s
Beyond Burger (hold the cheese and swap the sauce for ketchup or barbeque), black bean and avocado burger (hold the mayo and cheese), seasoned or sweet potato fries, pasta marina, chips with salsa and guacamole.

Tip: add some garlic and veggies to make the pasta marinara tastier and more filling!

Burger King
Impossible Whopper (hold the mayo), hash browns, fries, French toast sticks, garden salad (hold the cheese), and Dutch apple pie.

Tip: you can also order a vegan PB&J Jamwich from the kids’ menu. Your secret’s safe with us ;)

Dunkin’ Donuts
Beyond Sausage sandwich (hold the egg and cheese); fresh-baked bagels: cinnamon raisin, cinnamon raisin bagel twist, garlic, onion, plain, poppy seed, salt, and sesame; toasted English muffin; Quaker oatmeal with dried fruit; French roll; pretzel twist; and hash browns.

Tip: in addition to ordering the Beyond Sausage sandwich, you can also pair your bagel or English muffin with the Beyond Sausage or peanut butter and jelly. Don’t forget Dunkin Donuts also has almond milk if you’d like a delicious latte with your breakfast!

White Castle
Hash brown nibblers, French fries, veggie and black bean sliders— plus the new Impossible Burger slider!

Tip: Don’t forget to request White Castle’s new vegan cheddar if you’re ordering Impossible sliders!

Carl’s Jr.
Beyond Famous Star burger (hold the mayo and cheese), Beyond Breakfast Sausage burrito (hold the egg and cheese), or the rice, beans, & chips platter (hold the cheese). The French fries, CrissCut® waffle fries, hash browns, cilantro-lime rice, and guacamole are vegan.

Tip: You can add or substitute the vegan Beyond Meat patty or Beyond Breakfast sausage to any menu item!

Panda Express
Eggplant Tofu, spring rolls, brown and white rices, Super Greens (a side of broccoli, kale, and cabbage), and Chow Mein.

Tip: did we mention the Chow Mein is vegan?!

Hash browns, grits, sautéed spinach and mushrooms, plain baked potatoes, fresh fruit, salad (with creamy Italian, raspberry/orange vinaigrette, French or Catalina dressing), plain English muffins, and Minestrone soup.

Tip: top an English muffin with avocado with a side of sautéed spinach, mushrooms, and a hash brown—and you have yourself a decent meal!

Ask IHOP to add more vegan options here.

Domino’s Pizza
Vegan base: Thin crust (the others aren’t vegan).
Vegan Sauce: tomato-based or barbecue.
Load it up with your favorite veggie toppings!

Tip: if it’s easier to order from the menu rather than creating something from scratch, just order a veggie pizza without cheese on thin crust.

Regular English Muffin, oatmeal, hash browns, toast, French fries, salad (with balsamic vinaigrette, French or Italian dressing), sautéed zucchini & squash, grits, and seasonal fruit. The Beyond Burger or build your own burger (the veggie patty is also vegan)—load it up with fillings of your choice including caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, and fresh avocado.

Tip: make sure to order the Beyond Burger without cheese or all-American sauce (which contains egg and dairy). You can swap the sauce for ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, or bourbon sauce. If ordering oatmeal, ask that it be made with hot water instead of dairy milk.


We’re not saying vegan fast food is ideal or healthy, but we’ve all been caught somewhere wondering what to eat that’s vegan in a pinch, or maybe just experiencing a strong craving. Whatever the reason, more and more fast food restaurants are increasing their vegan options, which is great news for animals!

*Please note, we've made every effort to ensure that this information is correct and will be regularly updating it to reflect any changes. However, there will be times when changes to ingredients or menu items are faster than we are, so if you notice something that needs to be removed or added, please reach out and let us know.

Also, if you're concerned about cross-contamination with non-vegan foods, please check with the restaurant directly. That being said, unless you have an allergy, insisting on absolute purity isn’t necessary. In a world where animal-derived foods are so ubiquitous, accepting the possibility of cross-contamination doesn’t mean we’re any less vegan.



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