A Hero Rises

A Hero Rises

A Hero Rises

Our In Defense of Animals' Justice for Animals Director Doll Stanley is known for her friendliness. Last week, she had an encounter with a man in scrubs at the fueling station near her office. She asked the man if he worked at the nearby hospital. As he turned to respond with, "No I’m a veterinarian,” Doll opened her arms and her treasured old friend Dr. Walter Roberts, DVM responded with a bear hug.

Doll Stanley first met her hero on a cruelty case in which he gripped a tree branch with all his might in an attempt to hold his tears back. The chained dog they were attending to was far beyond recovery. Dr. Roberts would go on to help us with other cases, including one involving 57 terriers that within a month were vetted, and then spayed or neutered by Mississippi Spay & Neuter at the cost of only their rabies vaccination and were then placed with the help of the Mississippi Animal Rescue League and Every Creature Counts of Fort Lupton, Colorado.

Health issues forced Dr. Roberts to close two of his clinics, but he’s back on his feet and Doll joined him for their first meeting on March 14, 2017 to organize a Lexington, Mississippi humane society. Dr. Roberts will donate land for a humane shelter if the group can raise the funds for the building.

Doll said of Dr. Roberts, "Though I don't believe any of us doing what we all ought to be doing are heroes, this man is an exception - once a hero always a hero.” Doll then presented Dr. Roberts with a photo album containing photos taken during their cases.

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