A Tethering Ordinance Could Have Saved This Strangled Dog

A Tethering Ordinance Could Have Saved This Strangled Dog

A horrified person spotted a dog lying dead beside a Tupelo, Mississippi residence. The dog had been cruelly chained outside 24/7 and carelessly tethered close by a mass of wiring. The poor dog became entangled and with nobody to help, finally strangled to death. Don’t let this happen again!

The gut-wrenching picture was posted to Facebook and law enforcement reported to the scene. The negligent guardian claimed to have fed the dog that morning and stated that her dog was strangled while she was at work. However, the responding police officer stated that he believed that the dog had been dead a couple of days.

Shockingly, because the strangulation was seemingly unintentional, the “owner” was sadly not charged with animal cruelty. Neglect charges could have been filed, but were not, based on a perceived lack of intent.

In Defense of Animals is working to break the chains of every dog. We want to reach out to the city of Tupelo to amend its animal control ordinance, but we need your help to succeed.

We’re urging the Code Enforcement Division to work with the Tupelo City Council to pass tethering regulations, but we need your encouraging support. We have developed a model ordinance for Mississippi municipalities and counties, but we need to see them adopted urgently to prevent needless and cruel dog deaths.

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