Tucker was Abused and Left for Dead

Tucker was Abused and Left for Dead

Imagine being beaten, stabbed, and left in the trash for dead by someone you trusted!

Tucker didn’t have to. He lived through it. A beautiful, friendly six-year-old orange tabby cat, Tucker was brutally beaten, stabbed, and thrown in the trash, allegedly by his guardian's angry, drunk (and now ex-)boyfriend, Alex. Even though Tucker is home safely now and healed, his abuser continues to roam free with no consequences at all. Luckily, Tucker’s had champions like you fighting for him since this horrible ordeal.

In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Campaign has diligently contested the District Attorney’s decision to not pursue charges despite Alex’s admissions that he drunkenly beat and stabbed his girlfriend’s beloved companion, and a thorough police investigation that found Tucker’s blood in the apartment. But we can’t do this alone.

Our Justice for Animals Campaign rises to help animals affected by abuse every day. From our staff and volunteers who are on the ground actively rescuing animals to those who continually push for enforcement of animal welfare and anti-cruelty laws. Your gift today helps ensure we have the resources needed to pursue justice for animals like Tucker. Any amount goes along way.

It’s not too late to make sure justice for Tucker is served. Please politely call the Orange County Deputy District Attorney, Jennifer Malone, at (949) 476-4650 and ask her to handle this case with the seriousness it deserves.

You can simply say:

"I'd like to see the case against Hector (Alex) Hernandez reopened for the brutal beating and stabbing of Tucker, a beloved cat companion. Anyone capable of the brutality that was inflicted on Tucker is likely to commit another heinous act against another defenseless animal - or a person. Studies have repeatedly shown, and the FBI and other law enforcement agencies agree, that a person who commits cruelty to animals very often moves on to commit acts of violence against people, especially when the cruelty to animals goes unpunished. Please charge Alex Hernandez with felony animal cruelty."

Thank you! And remember that a gift of as little as $15 helps provide the resources to pursue justice for abused animals like Tucker.


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