An Act of Mercy During Norman’s Final Days

An Act of Mercy During Norman’s Final Days

Our Justice for Animals team dedicates their lives to creating a better environment for animals in the Deep South. No efforts are spared to act in the best interests of animals, even if situations involve difficult, heartbreaking decisions.   

Justice for Animals Campaign Director Doll Stanley stopped at her garbage can on a Saturday morning and noticed a pony nearing the pasture fence across the road. She knew the four horses who live there but did not recognize the tiny pony. Doll went over to meet him because he clearly wanted her attention. She was horrified to see his condition. A bleeding, cancerous growth had formed on the pony’s penis, which undoubtedly caused him significant pain and discomfort. 

After making this startling discovery, Doll called a neighbor for the horses’ guardian's name and phone number. She learned the pony was taken in from another man because the current guardian felt sorry for him. The guardian, who makes sure to care for his horses who are in excellent health, could not bring himself to put the pony out of his misery.

Doll offered to help end suffering of the pony, whom she named Norman. The guardian granted permission to have him euthanized by a veterinarian the following Tuesday. 

Allen, one of our road men who has graciously helped Hope Animal Sanctuary in the past, buried Norman in a green, peaceful pasture. Although Norman could not be saved, we are thankful he does not have to suffer from cancer any longer. His life serves as a reminder to always help animals in need, even if it requires making the compassionate yet difficult decision to say goodbye. 

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