Chemically Burned Racehorse Denied Justice in Louisiana

Chemically Burned Racehorse Denied Justice in Louisiana

Yet again, a Louisiana judge has made an astounding mockery of justice. The racehorse, Dr. Drip, who was the winner of more than 60 races and of purses valued at more than $253,000, languished in utter agony before a report of his plight was called into Louisiana’s St. Landry Animal Control in 2017. 

Dr. Drip was found emaciated, maggot-eaten, and coughing up blood. The enormous wound on his back was determined to be a chemical burn, likely from battery acid having been poured on him. He was subsequently euthanized as his injuries were too serious to overcome. 

Jermaine Dwayne Doucet Jr. of Opelousas, Louisiana, pled guilty to the appalling abuse of Dr. Drip, and yet, wasn’t punished! Of the one to ten years jail sentence and/or a $5,000 - $25,000 fine stipulated by law, Judge Alonzo Harris handed down the ridiculous sentence of a suspended jail term of one year, probated with only one year of probation to serve, with no court costs, only the piddling cost of probation. 

This gross injustice follows another recent pathetic slap on the wrist for the Bastrop, Louisiana ”Snapchat Dog Killers” who got off with the smallest fines possible and without any jail time – getting probation instead of the three-year sentence of jail time with hard labor that Judge Carl Sharp announced and then immediately probated. 

In Defense of Animals is teaming with southern animal advocacies to seek the aid of legislators in changing Louisiana law to restrict the authority of judges to probate sentencing. In our 25 years of experience in the mid-south, it seems that law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys act on these crimes, while judges undermine their efforts and make a mockery of our justice system. We will update you as we move to seek justice within a corrupted system that grossly lacks accountability.