Creating Communities Equipped to Fight Animal Cruelty

Creating Communities Equipped to Fight Animal Cruelty

Fundamental flaws in the enforcement of Mississippi animal protection statutes have been a stumbling block for many Mississippi law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and judges. Our Justice for Animals Campaign is working to address these issues by educating officials and members of the community to effectively protect animals and to ensure the prosecution of individuals who commit acts of cruelty.

We will soon be printing and distributing brand-new Justice for Animals handbooks to the 314 justice court judges, county prosecutors, and sheriffs throughout all of Mississippi’s 82 counties. The well-researched content was originally created by the now defunct nonprofit, Mississippi Animal Control and Protection Organization.

The guides contain animal law, procedures, enforcement documents, and definitions. The Henneke Body Condition Scoring System for assessing the physical condition of horses is included, as well as information on common domestic species. Once the initial distribution of this valuable animal protection tool is complete, our next goal will likely be to expand our distribution to Mississippi cities.

Our Justice for Animals Campaign director, Doll Stanley has kicked off the utilization of the existing books by presenting them to Montgomery County Sheriff Bubba Nix and Arlin Pearson, Animal Control and Protection Officer for the City of Winona. We have strong ties to this community and a history of working with both city and county officials for the protection of animals.

We will be seeking your involvement with this campaign to get a Justice for Animals handbook into the hands of every law enforcement officer. Together, we can most assuredly equip communities with the vital resources they urgently need to work towards ending animal cruelty.

Please consider making a donation to support our critical efforts for animals suffering without justice.