Demand Justice for Racing Horse Left to Be Consumed Alive by Maggots

Demand Justice for Racing Horse Left to Be Consumed Alive by Maggots

This alert is no longer active. Please read this update to see what happened.

After running 62 races and earning his “owners” a quarter million dollars, racehorse Dr. Drip was finally “retired” in Opelousas, Louisiana. He deserved a herd of friends and a lush pasture to enjoy his true glory days. Instead, at only 13 years of age, Dr. Drip was covered in bloody raw saddle sores and abscesses, and coughing blood. He was being consumed from the inside out by maggots. His neglect was so severe that he had to be euthanized to end his torment of being eaten alive. Jermaine Dwayne Doucet Jr. was arrested on a felony animal cruelty charge and his bond was set at $5,000, yet nothing has happened since the arrest. We must demand justice for Dr. Drip!

This past summer, Stacy McKnight, who serves as Director of St. Landry Parish Animal Control and Rescue investigated the report of an astonishingly neglected horse. McKnight found an emaciated, maggot-ridden horse whose condition was so bad that the seizure order to confiscate him took only three hours.

McKnight stated that she could hear maggots swirling within Dr. Drip’s body and that a chemical had also been poured on his back. It’s not uncommon to find an animal who has been doused with burnt oil and other chemicals to treat parasites, fungus, and other concerns in rural areas of the country. These unsophisticated methods were used at one time in the absence of pharmaceuticals, with varying success and undoubtedly causing a great deal of pain.

Reportedly, Dr. Drip’s attending veterinarian, of Acadiana Veterinary Clinic, discovered the tattoo inside his lip and positively identified him as the famous and “valued” racehorse. This wasn’t the only thing his attending vet reported. Dr. Drip literally had thousands of maggots burrowed beneath his skin eating him alive. Abscesses covered the inside of his mouth, he suffered labored breathing and coughed blood. He also suffered bloody raw saddle sores, large open patches on his spine and withers, clearly from being ridden. As there was no hope for this once majestic horse, Dr. Drip was euthanized the next day.

The spokesperson for Landry Parish Sheriff’s Department, Major Eddie Thibodeaux, said that Dr. Drip was given to the lease owner of the land by Dr. Drip’s “owner” and that the lease owner of the land then gave Dr. Drip to the neglectful and abusive land caretaker, Jermaine Dwayne Doucet Jr. 

Doucet was arrested on felony animal cruelty and his bond was set at $5,000. Since then, it appears that little action has been taken on this case.

Join us in reminding District Attorney Earl Taylor that we want to know at what stage Doucet’s charges are currently, and whether the Grand Jury has heard the case, and, if not, when will they? If Doucet was indicted, then when is his trail?

What You Can Do 

This alert is no longer active. Please read this update to see what happened.