Demand Reform After Lenient Sentencing of Sadistic Snapchat Dog Slayers

Demand Reform After Lenient Sentencing of Sadistic Snapchat Dog Slayers

We are deeply disappointed and very angry about the paltry sentence Judge Carl Sharp handed down to two Louisiana men who sadistically traumatized a gentle dog, brutally slit his throat, and then posted a video of the killing on Snapchat. We must not let this travesty of justice go unchallenged!

The case was airtight.  Steven Sadler and Boots Stanley – the defendants in the case - had both pled guilty, the District Attorney’s (DA) office was asking for tough sentencing, and 21,000 of our supporters had signed a letter to the DA urging him to push for a felony animal cruelty verdict. Animal advocates had kept this case at the forefront of public attention since August of 2016 when the sociopaths committed this heinous crime.

Animal rights supporters attending the sentencing were initially ecstatic when Morehouse Parish 4th District Judge John Sharp passed down a 3-year prison sentence of hard labor. Seconds later, he outrageously proclaimed that this sentence was to be suspended in lieu of a single year of probation. Judge Sharp retired the following day.

The meager $5,000 fine the gruesome duo was ordered to pay is a mere pittance for them. Stanley's family owns and operates the Bastrop, Louisiana horse "kill barn" that profits from the sale of the horses it dooms to slaughter in Mexico. The two men were ordered to each perform 480 hours of community service, but that could be reduced to 240 hours per defendant if each were willing to donate $5,000 to the local humane society. That’s assuming the shelter would be willing to accept their blood money. Both must engage in counseling at their own expense.

Steven Sadler and Boots Stanley became infamous when their 2016 Snapchat post of their macabre kill game with the beloved family dog named Choppa went viral. First, they hanged Choppa on the back of a horse, hoping that Choppa would slide off and be kicked to death. When this failed, Sadler held Choppa’s collar, raked his knife repeatedly across his throat, then slit his throat as Stanley urged him to get on with it. As Stanley videoed, he also bragged that Michael Vick had nothing on him.

What YOU Can Do

We need your help to ensure Choppa’s death was not in vain.  Please join us by signing our letter, by filling out the form on the right hand side of this page, to Senator Neil Risen, District 32, Louisiana, who has publicly recognized the connection between animal cruelty and violence toward humans. Encourage him to lead an effort to amend Louisiana’s animal cruelty code to mandate the 1 to 10-year sentence the law carries. District Attorney Robert Stephen Tew began meeting with legislators within days of the shocking verdict. He and his staff were stellar in the prosecution of the men he called “soulless.”

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