Puppy and Mom Saved From Brutal Life of Dogfighting

Puppy and Mom Saved From Brutal Life of Dogfighting

Two dogs who were saved from a horrifyingly cruel life of dogfighting in Mississippi are now safe in their new homes, getting all the love they deserve. We don’t want to think about what their fates would have been without our intervention, and are especially grateful to our supporters who make our lifesaving work possible.

When the Charleston Police Department’s Chief Jerry “Bubba” Williams II contacted us seeking help with a dogfighting case involving two juveniles who were fighting dogs, we knew we had to help.

While Williams was on the scene, one of the dogs who had been injured by one of the fighting dogs fled, leaving her only puppy behind. Her puppy hid beneath a shed, leaving officers unable to get to her.

Doll Stanley, our Justice for Animals Campaign director, responded as soon as she could to help look for the mother and rescue the puppy. She later would also wait on the seizure order that Williams had asked her to assist with, and then email the document for him to present to a judge.

When she arrived, a volunteer joined her to help, and after much effort, they successfully rescued the puppy whom they instantly named Blueberry.

Blueberry was cuddled in blankets and placed in a crate in Stanley’s car until her mom could be found. With help of children from the residence, they found her hiding inside a doghouse at another property. She seemed relieved that help had arrived, and followed her rescuers back to Stanley’s vehicle, where she was named Sugar.

Sugar and Blueberry spent the night getting care at Veterinary Associates in Grenada. They then went into foster care together until Sugar was scheduled to be spayed, and Stanley took Blueberry while her mother recovered.

Doc Charleston with Blueberry and Sugar with Doll Stanley

This month, they headed North with Donna’s Crusaders to meet their new guardians in Pennsylvania, and they’re now both thriving in their new lives.

In Mississippi, the young offenders were charged with dogfighting, and their parents will be held responsible for the costs incurred in the case. Sadly, two other dog victims of this brutal bloodsport who bore scars from head to toe and displayed aggression were painlessly killed as the liability they carried would not be discounted by the city.

While our cases often involve tragedy, the animals who are saved have a life free of fear and suffering, and we have the joy of seeing photo and video updates about them and sharing with you the ways you’re helping to save lives.

Sugar and Blueberry will now know nothing but love, and that’s thanks to you, our generous supporters.

For more on how to support our efforts to help animals in the Deep South, visit our Justice for Animals Campaign.