Get Justice for Dogs Shot More Than 170 Times with a BB Gun

Get Justice for Dogs Shot More Than 170 Times with a BB Gun

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Three dogs in Florida are lucky to have been rescued after an incredible amount of abuse, thanks to a concerned neighbor who stepped up to get them help. Tragically, two of the three had already been shot more than 170 times combined with a BB gun. Urge the assistant district attorney prosecuting this case to ensure their abuser is sentenced to jail, is never allowed to have animals again, and receives mental health counseling.

In April 2022, the Hernando County Sheriff's Office investigated a complaint by a resident that they heard a neighbor firing a BB gun, which was followed by dogs yelping and that about 15 shots had been fired in a span of about 45 minutes.

Animal control visited on the same day that the complaint was made and spoke with Jamie Lynn Kujawa, who allegedly claimed she didn't own a BB gun. Injuries and scars were seen on the paws of the three dogs on the property, but Kujawa said they had been fighting. After being unable to provide proof of vaccinations, she was given 10 days to vaccinate them and have their injuries treated by a veterinarian.

The following day a deputy visited the property again and observed all three dogs limping in the backyard. They asked to see the dogs and found fresh wounds but they weren't able to examine them because the dogs didn't want to be touched.

Routine checks were conducted over the following week and finally, on May 3, two of the dogs were surrendered to Hernando County Animal Services, where a veterinarian removed a lead pellet from one of the dogs' paws. They were both then sent for x-rays. Shockingly, one of the dogs was found to have 61 BBs and 19 lead pellets in their legs, torso, and head. The second dog was found to have 71 BBs and 22 lead pellets.

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These are BBs and lead pellets used in BB guns like the one used to shoot the three dogs.

Kujawa was subsequently arrested and charged with multiple counts of aggravated animal cruelty, with an investigation uncovering that she had been shooting at the dogs for digging under the fence in the yard. A third dog, three cats, a ferret, and a bird were all removed from her home.

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Victory! This alert made a difference for animals! Learn more .

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