Joining Forces for Mississippi Horses

Joining Forces for Mississippi Horses

In Defense of Animals joined forces with Mississippi Horses, a non-profit horse rescue located in Jackson, to seize four severely neglected horses. Our Justice for Animals Campaign had received concerned reports about the horses. When we went to check on the horses, we found one had a chunk bitten out of his face, leaving exposed bone. The man who the horses "belonged to" had not given the horse any medical attention.

While Tallahatchie County prides itself as "The Free State of Tallahatchie County," the Sheriff’s Department, prosecuting attorney, and the judge have a zero tolerance for animal cruelty. On July 14, we coordinated with Tallahatchie County Sheriff’s Deputy Albert Griffin and Mississippi Horses to seize two stallions, one mare, and her colt, kept just outside of Cascilla, in Mississippi's Tallahatchie County.

Mississippi Horses and In Defense of Animals have joined together a number of times in the past to seize neglected horses. Working together, we form a powerful team to keep horses out of the hands of neglectful and abusive people.

At a time when the unrestrained breeding of horses is being exploited by kill-buyers and more people seem to be without the means or the knowledge to care for horses, it takes organizations like ours to fight for the freedom of this magnificent and free-spirited animal who symbolizes our American heritage so well.

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