Kids Taught How to Help Animals in the Community

Kids Taught How to Help Animals in the Community

The Winona Library in Winona, Mississippi was the perfect setting for our latest In Defense of Animals – Justice for Animals Campaign presentation called Animals, Our Neighbors and Companions. The youth who attended were radiant at the prospect of learning new things about animals and animal protection. They were part of a readers club that spends time at the library, mostly attending summer programs. The parents who joined them were in for surprises too. They leaned many things about their community that they hadn’t known. It ended up being a rewarding presentation for both the attendees and for our Justice for Animals Campaign Director, Doll Stanley.

The presentation began with facts about Winona’s animal control history and the progress the city has made in recent years. The city now has a full time animal control officer who has benefitted from training classes, along with guidance provided by our Hope Animal Sanctuary Operations Manager Sharon Stone and Doll Stanley. 

The presentation also taught that recently, the city’s animal cruelty ordinance was positively amended to more humanely reflect the increased perceived  value of animal life. The kids were also shown how Hope Animal Sanctuary and Doll Stanley pull dogs from the shelter for fostering and placement. 

When the projector came on, there was excited interaction between the children and Doll about what the children were seeing on the screen. There were types of animals pictured that many of the children had never seen as well as happy and cruel situations the children learned about. They saw law enforcement working with In Defense of Animals to have animals removed from horrid environments and saw them instead lovingly cared for so they could become the whole and healthy individuals who will get to live their lives to the fullest. Community members were celebrated for their contributions and the children learned they have resources they too can put to use in their lives to help animals in need around them.