Suzie Lives Happily Ever After with New Family!

Suzie Lives Happily Ever After with New Family!

One of the many duties the Justice for Animals Campaign undertakes is advising law enforcement and grassroots organizations how to identify and handle animal cruelty reports. The recent case involving Suzie, an adorable little dog with large foxlike ears, beautiful brown eyes, and light fuzzy fur, was actually reported to a local animal protect group by her so called “guardian.” 

The Winona Animal Advocacy Group (WAAG), received a call from a woman whose rental home was condemned, leaving her needing to relocate. Upon seeing Suzie, another dog, three cats, and four kittens residing on the property, WAAG asked Justice for Animals Campaign Director Doll Stanley to help assess the conditions the animals were forced to endure. 

After visiting the home, it was clear the overall living conditions were not suitable for the animals. Tragically, Suzie had spent her life in a wooden enclosure outside of the house, unable to escape the extreme filth that accumulated over time. The woman, a victim of a slumlord, was barely functional, yet she sincerely reached out for aid for her “babies.” 

Finding a forever home for Suzie was no easy task. During her first night in foster care, she leapt and broke her left front carpal. Her first adopter was forced to ask for help in rehoming her, since the loving woman’s attempts to teach Suzie not to urinate on the bed were unsuccessful. Justice for Animals Campaign Director Doll Stanley took Suzie in to help housetrain her while looking for potential adopters. 

We are thrilled to report the Bristers, a great couple who has worked with Hope Animal Sanctuary in the past, decided to adopt Suzie and her pal Gidget, a rescue who was also in need of a loving home, giving both of these animals the “happily ever after” they dreamed of. The other dog and cats at the house have all been placed in loving homes. 

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