Inside a Cupboard, This Tiny Kitten was Dying

Inside a Cupboard, This Tiny Kitten was Dying

Inside a home filled with garbage and refuse, this tiny kitten with the deformed eye was discovered in living in a world with no day or night, in a filthy cupboard among mounds of rat and mouse excrement. In the house itself, years worth of urine, feces, and garbage coated every floor ... clung to every piece of furniture ... and smeared the walls like some ammonia and disease-laden jail. The scene was something only seen in your worst nightmares.

Out of this most recent tragedy, only 13 of perhaps dozens of animals would make it out alive. During the rescue, In Defense of Animals staff witnessed scenes of such immeasurable deprivation and hellish suffering that it would be difficult to even imagine - let alone experience - for someone who loves animals as much as we do.

It will take time. But know that we are working around the clock to care for these friends.
Your contribution of any amount now will make a real difference to their recoveries. Traumatized hoarding victims require time and resources to fully heal.

Like so many of our hoarding rescues, it took a crisis of epic proportions before formal action was allowed. Law enforcement officials were able to step in only after the animals' captor was admitted to the hospital. Bad people like this are getting away with mere slaps on the wrists - misdemeanors if even any punishment at all - and animal hoarding cases languish year after year.

Meanwhile, animals are hurt and die.

If you love animals the way we do, help to make the fight against hoarding your fight. Help beat corporate lobbyists who fear that any laws that help any animals will adversely affect their business interests down the line, and join us to press for zero-tolerance animal cruelty laws. Without us, habitual offenders and hoarders will continue to rain down misery and pain.

We are so pleased to close this story by telling you that we rescued all 13 survivors of this most recent hoarding crisis, and an In Defense of Animals volunteer is nursing the kitten in a cupboard back to health.

Please give generously, if you can, today.

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