Victory: Eight Years for Louisiana Woman Who Torched Dog

Victory: Eight Years for Louisiana Woman Who Torched Dog

Notorious Facebook killer, Madison M. Gautreaux, has been sentenced for burning and torturing a defenseless terrier named Bobo to death. She recently received a lengthy prison sentence for the three felonies committed against Bobo and his guardian.

In August, 2018, Gautreaux torched BoBo’s eyes and ears to inflict extensive agony and suffering in an evil act of vengeance against Norris Lemoine, BoBo’s guardian. Despite receiving medical intervention, BoBo succumbed to his unimaginably painful injuries the next day.

Lemoine filed charges against Gautreaux for the horrific acts of cruelty leading to Bobo’s death and for pulling a knife on him at the scene of the crime and she was arrested soon after.

Gautreaux had been unable to post her significant bond of $25,000 and remained incarcerated in the Avoyelles Women’s Correction Center since her arrest. At her hearing in October, Gautreaux unexpectedly entered a guilty plea in a bid to reduce her bond. Instead, 12th District Court Judge William J. Bennett sentenced Gautreaux to eight years for Aggravated Cruelty to an animal, six months for Damage to Property with Intent (BoBo being the property), and six months for Aggravated Assault for pulling a knife on Norris Lemoine, to be served concurrently for a total of 8 years imprisonment.

This ruling sends a clear message to the community that animal cruelty will not be tolerated, and those who commit crimes against animals will be met with strict sentencing. We commend District Attorney Charles Riddle and Judge Bennett for serving justice for the heinous killing of BoBo. 

In Defense of Animals was one of several advocacies that pushed for tough sentencing for Gautreaux. We would like to thank all of our supporters for signing our letter to District Attorney Charles Riddle supporting his prosecution of this case to the fullest.