WATCH: Pair of Frightened Pups Dumped Under Rural Bridge

WATCH: Pair of Frightened Pups Dumped Under Rural Bridge

We were tipped off to the plight of two precious pups who were abandoned under a bridge in the middle of an expanse of farmland in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi. We knew this search would be like looking for a needle in a haystack!

On April 9, 2024, the Senior Campaigner for our Justice for Animals campaign, Doll Stanley, received information about the location of two abandoned juvenile dogs, and on the next day we also received a photo. The pups were near a bridge, out in the midst of an expanse of farmland.

Along with the help of her good friend, BJ, Doll ventured out to the bridge in Tallahatchie County to attempt to find and secure the two juvenile dogs. The truest sense of abandonment swallowed Doll and BJ as they searched for the heartlessly abandoned dogs. They were able to look for miles in the distance all around them and know the odds of either of them spotting these pups was very low. Their deaths were almost certain. 

Our small two-person team started looking around and calling for the puppies, and not too long into our efforts, we heard a bark as a response! Yippie! You cannot imagine just how great that made us feel to know we were on the right track after all the stress of worrying if we would be able to succeed. 

A black and brown young pup, whom we would soon name Iris, ran up the slope from the creek bed and surprisingly readily accepted our help. BJ picked her up gently, secured her safely in the vehicle, and put her at ease.

Soon enough, BJ found the second pup. She was an all tan dog and it appeared that her front paws were both badly injured. We examined her poor mangled paws more closely. From our experience, we concluded that it was very likely that her paws had been caught in a vile snare used by trappers to catch wild animals. She must have stepped in a trap while searching among the garbage for something to eat. We named her Rose Blossom.

These dogs’ fear was palatable and their suffering we could only hope that we could partially absorb for them, and we think we managed to do so, at least a little.

We then secured a haven for the two precious girls with our friend Neely Bryan in the city of West Point.

Soon after, we met with Dr. Thomas Abernethy (aka “Doc”) at the veterinary clinic. After some examination, Doc concluded that Rose Blossom will have to lose a toe of her left front paw and it will take some time for her right front paw to heal from the large wounds on it. Iris also suffered an injury to her right heel and has a noticeable limp. We made plans to x-ray her very soon to discover if she has a fracture.

The girls will both stay at the clinic until they heal, then they will be on their way to wonderful new homes.

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