YOU Won a Major Victory for Dogs & Cats!

YOU Won a Major Victory for Dogs & Cats!

Have you heard the news?

You helped us achieve a major victory for scalded, tortured, and neglected animals in Mississippi!

For too long, animal abusers have got off with a slap on the wrist for unspeakable acts of cruelty...

  • Dog burned alive — $327
  • Puppy abandoned to slowly die of starvation — $327
  • Cat beaten to death — $1000
  • Dog shot in the face — $500
  • Dogs kidnapped and torn to pieces in dogfights — $0

We have been campaigning for stronger animal protection laws for years...

Now we finally have the means to hold animal abusers accountable with the passage of Senate Bill 2658!

Through our Justice for Animals Campaign, our network of rescuers work tirelessly to get animals out of abusers' hands and in the arms of loving guardians.

We save hundreds of animals every year and work dozens of cruelty cases.

Your gift today will fund our truly lifesaving work and ensure justice is served for every animal who becomes a victim of cruelty or neglect.

Thank you for hearing their cries and making the world a better place for all animals!