7th Self-Care Tip From One of Our Staff

7th Self-Care Tip From One of Our Staff

Enjoy our special self-care tip series for Activist Appreciation Month! Watch for them throughout February and first week of March. 


As the Elephant, Dolphin, and Whale Scientist Campaigns Director for In Defense of Animals (IDA), my work requires me to both witness and to mitigate the threats facing the these beautiful beings. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, especially when the science actually exists to empirically demonstrate the suffering of other animals. So many aspects of our cultures, politics and policies are deeply entrenched and outdated, and apparently ignorant of the science. Working with such a collaborative team at IDA and other inspirational colleagues keeps my spirits up. When facing a big loss for the elephants or the dolphins and whales, I remind myself of the cumulative positive impact of our efforts, so I can focus on the picture that is far bigger than any of us. That big picture, and the larger interspecies community in which we live, is always worth thriving and striving for.


Toni Frohoff, Ph.D.

Elephant & Cetacean Scientist

In Defense of Animals


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