Animal Activists Heal from Burnout at Our Mindfulness Retreat

Animal Activists Heal from Burnout at Our Mindfulness Retreat

A devoted group of animal activists gathered together recently in Solana Beach, California for a day of mindfulness and self-care, the perfect antidote for burnout and feelings of being overwhelmed that many of us face when advocating for animals. We performed a healing ritual on the beach, while dolphins swam by as our witnesses. Here’s what participants had to say about it.

“I felt invigorated, relaxed, and encouraged! It was so great to connect with other activists outside of activist-related activities. The entire retreat was wonderful, relaxing, and helped me connect with others who share similar interests,” one retreat-goer reflected.

The day included a healing ritual on the beach with our own Lisa Levinson, mindfulness instruction and practice with Dharma Voices for Animals co-founder Bob Isaacson, restorative yoga with Shae Alai, aromatherapy with Robyn Timmons, and activist self-care with Kery Shaw. Everyone enjoyed our gluten-free vegan lunch!

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