Inspiring Online June Events for Animal Advocates

Inspiring Online June Events for Animal Advocates

Join our free online presentations, interviews, and support groups to add new tools to your activist toolkit. This June, we’re exploring vegan health benefits, Catholic vegan advocacy, military vegan dining halls, and resources for vegan therapists. Don’t miss these special online events!

June 6: Are you curious about the health benefits of switching to a vegan diet? Join our webinar with president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Neal Barnard, MD, who leads plant-based programs advocating for preventive medicine, good nutrition, and higher ethical standards in research.

June 13: When the horrors of the dairy industry pulled at the heartstrings of Father Donatello Iocco, he felt that he was “called to manifest God's love, compassion and mercy to all of creation through veganism.” Join our interview with Father Iocco to hear his transformative story and ask questions about his journey!

June 20: Imagine getting a vegan meal in a military dining hall! Thanks to US Army Command Food Service Advisor and vegan activist Jeremy Patterson, known as Jay Pat, you can enjoy a vegan meal at the Guns and Rockets Dining Hall in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Join our Carnivores Anonymous online meeting with Jay to hear his vegan story and ask your vegan health questions!

June 27: Looking for a vegan therapist? Animal activists who reach out for support may not find it from a therapist who does not fully understand their vegan concerns. There is a group of ethical vegan therapists waiting to help you! Join our support group to share your personal struggles and receive resources for vegan therapists.

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