Los Angeles Residents: Make Vegan Lunches a Reality at Your Schools

Los Angeles Residents: Make Vegan Lunches a Reality at Your Schools

You did it! With your help, Los Angeles Unified School District voted in favor of a pilot program to offer vegan meal options in Los Angeles schools. Now we need your help to ensure it is a success!

On May 9, young activist and youth director of Earth Peace, Lila Copeland, led the charge by presenting her Healthy Freedom Campaign at the District’s board meeting. For two years, 15-year-old vegan activist Lila has worked hard to get a daily vegan entree option on every LAUSD school menu.

Her goal, and ours, is to get one complete vegan entree and open access to plant milk on the menu of every LAUSD school, five days a week. This is an unprecedented campaign and goal that has never before been done in any entire public school district in our nation, let alone the second largest district in the US.

Copeland partnered with board president Steve Zimmer to introduce the vegan meals pilot program resolution, and it was passed unanimously by the board. However, the pilot is undefined, and now the Superintendent is charged with forming the pilot and carrying it out.

We must ensure the vegan meals pilot is a success so that the whole district can roll out vegan options. This will affect the health of more than 600,000 students who are currently faced with eating nothing but animal products in school, every day.

We need Los Angeles residents and LAUSD stakeholder support in putting forth community mandates for this pilot. Please support the animals, and the incredible efforts of these hard-working student activists!

What YOU Can Do:

Here are three steps you can take to give animals a voice, and student activists your vote of confidence.

1) Attend the LAUSD Board Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, June 13, at South Beaudry Avenue. We need at least fifty people to show up, so please come if you can. Arrival time is 5:30 pm or as close to that as you can manage. Please let activists with Earth Peace Foundation know you will be there by emailing them at with “Board Meeting” in the subject line. 

What: LAUSD Board Meeting
When: Tuesday, June 13, 5:30pm
Where: LAUSD District headquarters, 333 South Beaudry Avenue,  Los Angeles, CA 90017 MAP 

2) Call members of the LAUSD School Board and the Superintendent of Schools today, and urge them to follow the recommendations of Earth Peace Foundation for their new vegan school lunch option pilot program.

LAUSD School Board contacts

Dr. George J. McKenna II, 213-241-6382

Mónica García, 213-241-6180

Scott Schmerelson, 213-241-8333

Steve Zimmer, 213-241-6387

Ref Rodriguez, 213-241-5555

Mónica Ratliff, 213-241-6388

Dr. Richard Vladovic, 213-241-6385

Superintendent of Schools

Michelle King, 213-241-1000


3) Send our letter, by filling out the form on this page, to members of the LAUSD School Board, the Superintendent of Schools, and the CEO for the Office of Educational Services this week. They need to hear from you by Friday!


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