Shut Down Illegal Slaughter Farms in Fort Myers, Florida!

Shut Down Illegal Slaughter Farms in Fort Myers, Florida!

Animals are being tortured, illegally slaughtered, kept in deplorable conditions, sacrificed for religious purposes, and trained for dog fighting at four illegal slaughterhouses in Fort Meyers, Florida. Despite the horrific evidence, the Chief Assistant to Florida’s State Attorney refuses to prosecute. Act now to stop the horrific abuse and torture of animals in Florida’s secret slaughterhouses!

On April 11th, 2018, Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) publically released evidence of its two and a half year investigations into four illegal animal slaughterhouses in Fort Myers. Evidence includes graphic videos, audio, photos, and sworn eyewitness testimonies of violent animal abusers who repeatedly stab pigs and goats while still conscious, put meat hooks through their legs, hoist them up and skin animals alive, boil animals alive, slaughter horses for horse meat, conduct aggression training dogs for dog fighting, use other dogs and small animals as bait, cut off the limbs of cows and let them bleed to death, and starve animals in lots filled with nothing but dirt and trash. 

The long list of sickening offenses including health hazards and unlicensed business practices has been presented to authorities, but Lee County sheriff and state attorney's offices will not pursue a prosecution. They have stated that ARM’s evidence was obtained illegally and cannot be used in a prosecution, yet ARM has used the exact same evidence-gathering techniques in over one hundred cases across the state of Florida and in several different counties.

The lack of action by local authorities to punish and stop the operation of the illegal slaughterhouses has caused outrage, concern, and protests residents in Lee County, across the state of Florida, and beyond.

After viewing ARM’s evidence, animal rights activists organized a grassroots effort to pressure law enforcement into action. Animal Welfare Advocates Of SW Florida has protested at the farms every weekend. They have successfully pressured several venues to cancel campaign fundraising venues for Amira Fox, the Florida’s State Attorney’s Chief Assistant. Fox continues to refuse to prosecute the farms and has even falsely claimed that these ranches have been shut down.

Stand in solidarity with ARM and dedicated animal activists to shut down Florida’s illegal slaughterhouses and arrest the business owners responsible for animal abuser. Your voice is vital. Together, we can end these atrocities!

What YOU Can Do:

1. Call Chief Assistant to Florida State Attorney Amira Fox and Lee County Sheriff's Office Agricultural Crime Unit Sergeant Randy Hodges. Tell them it is unacceptable to allow these slaughterhouses to continue to operate and without prosecution.

Amira D. Fox
Chief Assistant State Attorney

Sgt. Randy A. Hodges
Lee County Sheriff's Office Agricultural Crime Unit

2. Amira Fox is running for State Attorney. Comment on her and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook pages. Urge them to show compassion for these animals and punish the criminal operations that torture them by making arrests and prosecuting the case. Encourage your friends to make respectful comments. The more activists who speak out, the quicker the farms' reign of terror will end.

3. Join Animal Welfare Advocates Of SW Florida’s Facebook group protesting these illegal slaughterhouses to show your support.

4. Sign our letter to demand justice from Lee County and the State of Florida in solidarity with fellow activists, by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

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