Tell West Lampeter Fair: No More Pig Chases!

Tell West Lampeter Fair: No More Pig Chases!

Pig chases are cruel, violent activities organized under the guise of children’s amusement. During the chases, children and teens between the ages of 5 and 14 cover their arms in grease, then chase, tackle, headlock, and pull on a pig’s legs until she is finally caught for a prize of $15. The audience cheers and laughs while terrified pigs scream in total panic, sometimes for hours on end. We must stop children from being taught to abuse animals for fun and stop the Children's Pig Catching Contest at the 94th West Lampeter Community Fair! 

Pig chases are never harmless fun. This type of event is both physically and mentally abusive to pigs and teaches bullying behavior to children. As prey animals, pigs instinctively fear for their lives when being chased. During these chases, pigs are cut, bruised, and can also suffer internal injuries. They often urinate, defecate, and vomit out of sheer terror.

If we stand by without action, pigs will be terrorized and abused at the Lampeter, Pennsylvania pig chase in September. Because we care, it’s up to us to speak out against needless suffering inflicted on animals. We must not allow this violence to be normalized under the excuse of tradition. Our traditions evolve as we do. Join fellow animal advocates to start more compassionate traditions and end this violent animal cruelty event for good.

What YOU Can Do:

Tell the West Lampeter Fair Committee that it is unacceptable to encourage children to terrorize animals. Join us in asking organizers to take a compassionate step and end this violent event.

1. Comment on the West Lampeter Fair Facebook page. Make your comments on the page’s other posts so everyone can see easily see them.

2. Sign and share our letter, by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page, to the West Lampeter Fair Committee. Ask the Committee Treasurer, Lois Anne Risser, to end this year’s inhumane pig chase and to prevent any future animal chases.

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