Vegan Victory for Student Activists!

Vegan Victory for Student Activists!

A huge victory was won at the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education on May 9th, when a team of vegan students and influential speakers brought together by Lila Copeland of Earth Peace won the resolution vote on a pilot program that will test out vegan meal options in a handful of schools this fall.


The vote was won after almost two years of work by the Earth Peace Foundation, which started working with LAUSD Food Services to develop a vegan menu after the success of its Healthy Freedom campaign kickoff with Pamela Anderson.


Lila Copeland and her student partners convinced school board president Steve Zimmer to sponsor a resolution to make sure the test would actually happen. They anticipate another resolution once the pilot has been tested to expand the plan to all 1,100 LAUSD schools.


Dr. Neal Barnard of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, pediatrician Jay Gordon, three-time marathon world record holder Fiona Oakes, vegan restaurateur Babette Davis, and “VeganFatKid” Tim Moore all came out to support the resolution.


In Defense of Animals sent out a local alert to support these student activists. Thanks to everyone who signed our alert and attended the school board meeting last week! Our Sustainable Activism Campaign supports fellow activists to build a strong and resilient activist community.


You can learn more about the Healthy Freedom campaign by contacting the Earth Peace Foundation.




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