Victory! Elementary School Ends Egg-Hatching Project

Victory! Elementary School Ends Egg-Hatching Project

Thanks to your calls and letters, Bacich Elementary School in Kentfield, California has officially ended its egg-hatching project! We are thrilled by the principal’s compassionate decision to stop this little realized animal cruelty. Your participation made a real difference and spared the lives of innocent chicks. 

The teacher who was involved in the egg-hatching project was eager to receive humane alternatives to traditional hatching programs. Chick-hatching companies prey on well-meaning teachers. When the chicks are returned after use in the classroom, they are often killed. Animals suffer horribly while parents and young children are tricked. Hatching projects promote animal abuse by desensitizing children to animal suffering and by treating animals as mere “educational” objects, instead of babies who are sadly born into a noisy, mechanistic classroom environment. 

We applaud Bacich Elementary for making such an animal-friendly decision! With your help, other schools can follow this school’s lead. If you know any teachers who participate in egg-hatching projects, please let us know and direct them to humane alternatives.

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