California Residents: New Action Needed to Ban ALL Fur Trapping Statewide!

California Residents: New Action Needed to Ban ALL Fur Trapping Statewide!

Although leghold and body-gripping traps are banned In California, wild animals continue to be maimed and killed by horrific trap-and-kill methods to steal their fur. Now, we have the opportunity to save fur-bearing animals by prohibiting fur trapping!

California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez introduced Assembly Bill 273 to prohibit the issuance of fur trapping licenses in the state. This bill has passed through the Assembly and will soon be heard by the Senate. Please urge the California State Senate to support a statewide fur trapping ban!

In order to steal their fur, trappers viciously kill animals and strip them of their pelts in large quantities within small areas, threatening the survival of the populations within their habitats.  Coyotes, mink, foxes, beavers, raccoons, badgers, and various other species are trapped in California so that their skins can be sold to countries around the world to be turned into trivial “fashion” statements.

Fur trappers now use box traps, cages, and nets to capture unsuspecting animals. Trappers often use terrifying mobile gas chambers to suffocate their victims or other brutal methods such as manual strangulation, and anal electrocution to kill the animals they have trapped, to avoid damaging the pelts.

The ban on fur trapping will spare animals gruesome deaths and will also benefit California’s economy because the state’s costs of maintaining a commercial trapping program far exceed what was collected through issuing licenses, indicating a blatant violation of the law.

What YOU Can Do:

AB 273 has passed through the California Assembly and will now be heard by the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee on June 11. Please urge your state senator to support AB 273!

1. Call your one California state senator below by entering your zip code and clicking the California tab.

Introduce yourself by your name and location.

You may use this simple script:

 “I am calling to support AB 273 to ban fur trapping licenses in California. Fur trapping is cruel and unnecessary, and California residents should not have to pay for the failing fur trapping program.”

2.  Send our letter by filling out the form on this page. 

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