Portland, Oregon: Join Us for Fur Free Friday to Speak up for Animals!

Portland, Oregon: Join Us for Fur Free Friday to Speak up for Animals!

In the true spirit of the holidays, people all over the country are taking to the streets to speak up for the millions of animals who are tortured and killed every year for their skins. On Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, please join our efforts to encourage others to buy cruelty-free, vegan items in Portland!

On Fur Free Friday, protestors throughout the country will urge consumers to buy animal-friendly gifts this year by leaving fur, wool, down, angora, suede, leather, mohair, and all other items produced by exploiting animals off of their shopping lists.

To kick off this peaceful event, we will meet at Nordstrom Downtown Portland to interact with holiday shoppers to urge them to make compassionate purchases. We will then march to make the voices of every animal heard. Participants are welcome to stay at Nordstrom’s to hold signs and hand out literature to shoppers.

What: Fur Free Friday Protest

When: Friday, Nov 23 from 12:00 – 2:30pm

Where: Nordstrom Downtown Portland, 701 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon, 97205

Please join this annual Fur Free Friday event to help animals this holiday season! All are welcome!

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