VICTORY! We Are Two Steps Closer to Making Fur History in California!

VICTORY! We Are Two Steps Closer to Making Fur History in California!

The dominoes of the barbaric fur industry are starting to fall!

We are proud and excited to announce the great news that just now, AB 44, the historic bill to ban fur sales and production in California, passed out of the state’s Judiciary Committee with a 9-2 vote. With your continued support, we can make California the first American state to ban the sale and production of fur! We can also ban trapping of animals for fur!

Decades of hard-fought grassroots activism are finally beginning to take hold, but animals still need your help to pass these vital pieces of fur-free legislation!

Since 1986 when we started Fur Free Fridays in downtown San Francisco, In Defense of Animals has led the charge against this outdated and barbaric industry. In Defense of Animals has been working hand in hand with activists and volunteers since the beginning of this movement.

We’ve coordinated anti-fur protests across the country resulting in stores dropping fur or choosing to close their doors forever. Our loyal staff and volunteers have spent close to decades of their lives holding weekly protests in front of stores that sell fur, with many risking arrest multiple times. We’ve pressured retailers with urgent action alerts and shareholder meeting interruptions. We actively supported legislation that ended the use of body-gripping traps in California. We championed the successful bids to end fur sales in West Hollywood, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. We attended the first hearing on AB 44 and represented your views through speaking and lobbying…and we’re not done yet!

Support In Defense of Animals today and take part in this historic moment!

YOU are leading the charge against the cruel fur industry, which for years, in the name of cash and profits, has made every effort to hide the immense cruelty and suffering inflicted on its animal victims.

Now California legislators have advanced AB 44 and AB 273; bills that propose to ban the sale and production of fur and the live trapping of animals (who then face horrific deaths) in California once and for all! The fur industry will NOT take this threat to its profits laying down and will do everything in its power to kill these compassionate bills before they become law.

You can be sure that the fur industry and its army of well-paid lobbyists are already hard at work doing whatever they can to sink this set of bold fur-free legislation.

That is why your support for animals today is more important than ever!

Just last week, we hit the pavement hard in Santa Cruz, a critical district of Assemblyman Mark Stone’s, who held a key vote in the Judiciary Committee, promoting a message of compassion for animals and urging his constituents to call and voice their support for banning fur sales and production. Together we made a difference; his vote in support of this bill is democracy in action! And we will not stop! We are working with compassionate legislators like Assemblymember Ash Kalra to pass pro-animal legislation like this historic fur sales ban.

We need your help today to make sure that these pieces of vital fur-free legislation make it over the finish line as they face their next votes in the Appropriations Committee!

With your support today we will be there every step of the way to ensure these historic fur-free bills become law!

Once California takes this first bold step, we are sure that other states and countries will follow, and the horrors of the fur trade will once and for all be relegated to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

Thank you so very much for your support to make fur history,

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