MEDIA RELEASE: Billboard Launch to Save Denver Geese

MEDIA RELEASE: Billboard Launch to Save Denver Geese

Denver, Colo. (January 15, 2021)In Defense of Animals and Canada Geese Protection Colorado are launching a billboard campaign in Denver to raise awareness about the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) permit to roundup and slaughter Canada geese and goslings in the Denver metro area through its arm, Wildlife Services. 

Last November 2020, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit against the USDA for hiding details about the number of birds slated to be killed and the cost per slaughtered bird. The public has a right to know about these actions, which were paid for by public tax dollars. 

The two billboards read “Dear USDA, Stop Killing Our Wildlife,” and “Lake Watch, Protect Our Geese.” They will appear at the southeast corner of Colorado Blvd. and Mexico starting Monday through Thursday. The campaign addresses the USDA’s failure to be transparent in informing the public on projects aimed at killing wildlife using taxpayers’ money. The campaign also encourages citizen participation in learning more about lake ecosystems and surrounding wildlife.

  • What: Canada Geese Protection Colorado Billboard Launch
  • Where: 1680 South Colorado Blvd., North of I-25 ES SF (southeast corner of Colorado Blvd. and Mexico)
  • When: Monday through Thursday, January 18 - 21, 2021
  • Who: Dr. Carole Woodall, Canada Geese Protection Colorado

Canada Geese Protection Colorado was formed by concerned citizens from the Denver metro area and statewide members after 1,662 geese were captured and slaughtered in Denver without public notice in 2019. According to Denver Parks and Recreation’sUpdate Summary of 2020 Goose Management Efforts,” 517 Canada geese were killed in 2020. 

With overwhelming support by Canada Geese Protection Colorado and nearly 7,000 In Defense of Animals supporters, these billboards send a strong message focusing attention on the USDA to stop this slaughter, which extends beyond actions taken in Denver. 

“USDA’s inhumane capture and slaughter of geese from Denver Parks,” said Dr. Carole Woodall of Canada Geese Protection Colorado, “is called into question. A profit-driven government agency is making decisions for the benefit of stakeholders while silencing the voices of advocates for America’s wildlife.” 

Residents are encouraged to get involved in Canada Geese Protection Colorado’s Lake Watch, a grass-roots “citizen science” effort in metro Denver to help improve the scientific understanding of urban lakes and ponds as wildlife habitats. Lake Watch organizes local groups who live near or have a special relationship with particular lakes in the area. Adult professionals, amateurs, policy-makers, students and children can join the effort to observe, understand and advocate for the welfare of urban lakes and wildlife.

“Since 2019, over 2,000 geese have been killed in secretive slaughters in the Denver area,” said Lisa Levinson, of In Defense of Animals. “Killing wild animals is cruel, ineffective, and outrageously costly to taxpayers. Our billboard highlights the strength of feeling from Denver residents who want to see geese protected and respected. Further roundups and gas-chamber killings of these peaceful animals is unacceptable. We urge the USDA to immediately implement a non-lethal, humane, and cost-effective goose management plan.”

In Defense of Animals launched its National Goose Protection Coalition in 2019 to help concerned citizens stop roundups in their communities. Members of the public can find resources to help their communities implement effective, non-lethal, and humane goose management strategies at:

Members of the public are being encouraged to take action to prevent future roundups and slaughter of geese in Denver: 

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Spokesperson for Canada Geese Protection Colorado Dr. Carole Woodall is available by request for on-site interviews.


In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection organization with over 250,000 supporters and a 37-year history of protecting animals’ rights, welfare, and habitats through education, campaigns, and hands-on rescue facilities in India, South Korea, and rural Mississippi.

Canada Geese Protection Colorado, LLC is a Colorado grassroots, direct action, anti-oppression activist group dedicated to stopping the slaughter of wild geese, birds of prey, and other wild birds being killed by cities & municipalities in urban parks. CGPC advocates for transparent, accountable, and equitable processes of public engagement about wildlife with municipal and state officials and agencies. The group supports the use of humane, non-lethal methods directed toward wild birds in urban parks.

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