WATCH: Stop the USDA's War on Geese!

WATCH: Stop the USDA's War on Geese!

We all know that what the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal Services branch is doing to Canada geese amounts to war! The agency reported killing more than 26,000 geese in 2021 alone. Right now, tens of thousands of geese are being trapped and brutally slaughtered in bloody slaughterhouses or gassed to death in front of their panicked families. And all of it is paid for by your taxpayer dollars. This happens every summer while geese are rearing their goslings and can't fly away. 

To avoid any public outcry, the USDA maintains an air of secrecy preferring that most “roundups” occur at the break of dawn - even the loose feathers are picked up to prevent a scandal and hide any trace of accountability. People wake up to empty lakeshores wrongly assuming that the geese willingly flew away when a massacre actually took place the night before under their very noses. Not only are the geese unwilling to leave their babies, but they too cannot fly during their summer molt.


Goose “roundups” don’t work and are a colossal waste of funds. New geese will repopulate the area after the killing to access their favorite food - short green grass. Our government is mercilessly killing geese to protect lawns from goose poop when simple cost-effective cleanup methods that actually work could be used instead. This is a travesty! 

Non-lethal solutions exist! We can keep the grass and coexist with geese by modifying the habitat with riparian buffers and applying Flock Free bird deterrent on the grass. These affordable and available non-lethal methods provide a win-win for people and our goose neighbors!

Our National Goose Protection Coalition offers expert advice and free resources to help communities stop goose abuse. With your support, we can transform concerned citizens into effective goose advocates and provide hands-on tools including educational presentations, brochures, door-hangers, protest signs, billboards, media releases, alerts, and more. 

Join our fight to defend geese by contacting us at whenever geese are in danger and by making a donation today to support our efforts to defend Canada geese. 

We must end the nightmare goose killings in our parks and on our lakeshores!

Your compassionate support today will immediately provide: 

  • Billboards, protest signs, and grassroots advocacy for defenders of wild geese.
  • Awareness in the public about goose sentience and information about goose behavior and biology.
  • Documentation and research to support the development of nonlethal methods to deter geese.
  • Eye-opening campaigns to actively prevent and stop goose “roundups” and expose the corruption and waste of taxpayer funds.

Thank you for adding your voice to ours and expressing your outrage over this unnecessary war on geese!