VICTORY: Wild Horses Left to Freeze in Colorado Now Have Shelter

VICTORY: Wild Horses Left to Freeze in Colorado Now Have Shelter

In November, we told you about a situation where the U.S. Forest Service sent 19 wild horses from California to a small 60-acre pasture in northern Colorado without adequately vetting the location. We were delighted that these horses were saved from a grim government holding pen and possible sale to slaughter, but we were worried that the horses didn't have shelter. In an area where winters are extremely harsh with frigid temperatures, deep snows, and high winds, we are happy to report the horses now have shelter.

While researching this story, authorities told us that Colorado law does not require shelter for horses. No matter the climate, agencies could not mandate that shelters be built for these horses.

Soon after our post, we received a letter that stated, "For the record; shelters are being built for the horses (even while they are not required by the State of Colorado)." 

While the pressure we put on wasn’t specifically cited, the letter said the shelters "are being built," and came shortly after we shared our alert — when the horses had already been on the property since June. Either way, we're thrilled these horses will now have the shelter they need to get through the long cold winter safely.

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