Alligators and Crocodiles Win in California!

Alligators and Crocodiles Win in California!

Update: After we succeeded in killing AB 527, legislators gutted and amended an unrelated bill (AB 719) in a devious effort to preserve the alligator and crocodile trade. To stay up to date on our opposition to this cruel bill, please sign up for our alerts at

We're thrilled to report a significant legislative victory for animals in California! Thanks to your calls and letters, Assembly Bill 527 lost, and alligators and crocodiles won in the state of California. Your help killed this bill and saved millions of alligators and crocodiles from becoming handbags, belts, boots, and jackets!

Starting January 1, selling crocodile and alligator skin products will be illegal in California. With this victory, we will reduce the availability and demand for alligator and crocodile products and spare these animals from painful deaths. Investigations have revealed how alligators and crocodiles are butchered alive with box cutters while they writhe in pain and slowly bleed out.

Assemblyman Randy Voepel, Louisiana lobbyists, California Retailers Association, and Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce lost the battle to repeal our state’s upcoming ban on selling alligator and crocodile products. They also lost millions of dollars selling the stolen skins of alligators and crocodiles to high-end merchants in Beverly Hills.

This legislative win is our golden opportunity to support compassion in fashion. Please encourage your local stores to ditch animal-derived clothing and carry cruelty-free, eco-sustainable options!

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