Tule Elk and Animals at Ballona Wetlands Represented at California Coastal Commission Meeting

Tule Elk and Animals at Ballona Wetlands Represented at California Coastal Commission Meeting

We recently spoke up for wild animals at Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve in Los Angeles and Tule elk at Point Reyes National Seashore during a California Coastal Commission meeting on October 9. Our own Lisa Levinson urged further inquiry before destructive plans were approved that would destroy essential habitats for wild animals.


If you want to help animals in your community, one of the best ways is to attend local meetings. Now it’s even easier to join them online! Keep reading to find out what we did and how you can do the same thing to help animals. 

Many animals, some rare and imperiled, call Ballona Wetlands home. They are why a full hearing and full coastal development permit must precede plan approvals for a so-called “restoration” project that will bulldoze and destroy their habitat. If you have not already, please take action on our alert to stop the destruction of Los Angeles’ last coastal wetlands.

At Point Reyes National Seashore, native Tule elk will be shot to benefit privately-owned ranches within the park if the National Park Service’s recommended plan, Alternative B, is approved. Lisa requested a Federal Consistency Review to address the lack of water quality testing, known environmental degradation, and impacts on migratory birds and endangered species at the Seashore. She also suggested a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on drought and wildfires to assess new impacts on free-roaming Tule elk. Help us save Tule elk by insisting they be allowed access to water and that they not be shot by the National Park Service.

At meetings like this, you can ask key questions and insist on environmental reviews before harmful permits are issued for projects in your community. Most official meetings include public comments, which provide the perfect opportunity to speak directly with decision-makers.

Contact us for strategies to defend wild animals in your community!

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