Billie Eilish Speaks Out Against Panda Cruelty!

Billie Eilish Speaks Out Against Panda Cruelty!

When a world-famous singer-songwriter joins your cause, you know you’re doing something right. Billie Eilish is the latest supporter of our powerful campaign to save YaYa and LeLe, two abused pandas held captive at the Memphis Zoo! 

YaYa and LeLe deserve better. Compassionate animal advocates like you know it, and, thanks to Billie Eilish, the world knows it too!

Make sure to watch the video she shared with her 6.5 million Twitter followers!

It's not just the pandas. We currently rank Memphis Zoo as the 8th Worst Zoo for Elephants. Now the zoo is doing its best to prevent information about the health of the pandas, elephants, and other imprisoned animals from getting out!

Memphis Zoo’s neglect of these pandas is outrageous! If you have not already done so; have your voice heard today, and join the nearly 50,000 caring people who have signed our alert demanding the zoo retire these two suffering pandas.

Photos and videos prove the two pandas are distressed, malnourished, and suffering!

Memphis Zoo has exploited them for 18 years. No longer! It is time to retire them and send them home to China, where they can live out their final years with more space, quality food, and good health care.

With the compassion and generosity of In Defense of Animals supporters like you, we will not rest until YaYa and LeLe escape their prison. 

Take your activism to the next level! Please consider continuing your support by donating today! Just $5 keeps the pressure on zoos, exposes their lies, and aids our efforts to protect all animals.

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