VICTORY! Colorado Votes to Restore Wiped-Out Wolves!

VICTORY! Colorado Votes to Restore Wiped-Out Wolves!

In a huge and much-needed victory for wolves, compassionate Coloradans voted to pass Prop 114, a historic ballot measure that will require wildlife officials to reintroduce gray wolves to the western part of the state. The last remaining wolves in Colorado were wiped out by the 1940s, but now they’ll get a chance to return to their rightful place in the wild thanks in part to actions by In Defense of Animals supporters in Colorado!

Wherever they have existed in the U.S., wolves have been relentlessly persecuted by farmers, hunters, and even the government itself.

Proposition 114 directs the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to correct past mistakes by creating a science-based plan to reintroduce and manage gray wolves on designated lands west of the Continental Divide, and begin reintroductions by December 31, 2023.

The Commission will also be required to hold public hearings, and will use state funds to pay for any farmed animals killed as a result of wolf predation. 

We’re thrilled that recovery efforts will soon reintroduce gray wolves to western Colorado’s public lands, where they will enjoy ample space to roam, plenty of food, and low human interaction at high elevations. Gray wolves are apex predators and their presence will help maintain balance and support biodiversity within Colorado’s unique ecosystems. We thank every In Defense of Animals supporter in Colorado who read our plea on behalf of gray wolves and took action by voting yes on this crucial ballot measure! 

Gray wolves have just been stripped of Endangered Species Protection by the Trump administration in the lower 48, and they need our support now more than ever.

You can help by signing and sharing our alert calling on governors in states with wolves to do everything in their power to see them thrive and by supporting our work to fight for them and other other wild animals!

This proposition passed by incredibly close margins, so each and every vote made this victory possible.

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