WATCH: Activists Find Sanctuary for 500 Muscovy Ducks

WATCH: Activists Find Sanctuary for 500 Muscovy Ducks

For Activist Appreciation Month, we’re delighted to share this inspiring animal rescue story of Louisiana advocates who took matters into their own hands to save 500 Muscovy ducks before public officials began their heartless extermination plan. Watch this heartwarming video as activists move ducks to the “Muscovy Hilton” and then along to safe forever sanctuaries!

Muscovy ducks have been a prominent feature along the drainage canals running through a suburban community in Louisiana for over 30 years. A construction project disrupted the ducks’ routines and pushed them over into rain puddles around residential lawns. While many residents befriended their Muscovy neighbors, others complained about the duck poop and even resorted to abuse by running them down with cars or shooting them with arrows.

Local officials, hobbled by overblown health risks of duck disease and confusing, contradictory regulations (regarding Muscovies as uniquely protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act while simultaneously labeled an invasive species), decided to kill the Muscovies from the one neighborhood area receiving complaints. A small group of long-term residents loudly objected to this remedy and sprang into action!

While appealing to fellow residents and public officials to stop the killing, the group began relocation efforts with a strong sense of responsibility to the community, the ecosystem, and the welfare of the ducks. They followed strict federal regulations regarding Muscovies to find private sanctuary lands to safely contain the ducks. Fortunately, they found three skilled, experienced, humane duck trappers, who generously supervised the trapping, care, and transport, and lobbied networks of contacts to find proper sanctuary sites for the ducks. 

Muscovy families were trapped during the evening hours and housed together in a temporary garage shelter appropriately called the “Muscovy Hilton.” The ducks enjoyed “flappy hour” refreshments in the air-conditioned hotel, a nice break from 100-degree outdoor temperatures and drought conditions. Over the course of several evenings, rescuers transported more than 500 Muscovy ducks to private sanctuaries with ponds, protective overnight enclosures, and attentive caregivers. 

We’re grateful to these dedicated Louisiana animal activists for ensuring the safety of beloved neighborhood Muscovies. We honor activists throughout February each year. Take part in our special programs for Activist Appreciation Month

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