Ohio: Protect Coyotes from Gruesome Killing Contests!

Ohio: Protect Coyotes from Gruesome Killing Contests!

A potentially devastating new bill has been introduced in Ohio that would transfer coyote “management” decision-making authority to the state legislature, which is heavily influenced by trophy hunting and agricultural interests. This change would make it virtually impossible to ban wildlife-killing contests and impossible to protect coyotes at all.

If passed, House Bill 553 would strip the Ohio Division of Wildlife of all authority to protect our state's coyotes from blood sports like wildlife killing contests and year-round coyote hunting and trapping. Ohio's wildlife professionals and scientists would have no choice but to hand coyote management decisions over to a legislature that is full of rancher and trophy hunter cronies. Help us keep wildlife experts in key decision-making roles to save Ohio’s coyotes! 

Year-round hunting and trapping of coyotes do not prevent or resolve conflicts with them. Gruesome wildlife killing contests reward participants with cash and prizes for violently killing innocent animals, and serve no management purpose whatsoever. These heartless contests promote slaughtering the most or largest coyotes by luring them into firing range with electronic calling devices that imitate the cry of prey or pups in distress.

Scientists and wildlife experts agree that hunting and killing contests do not protect farmed animals or increase deer and turkey populations for hunters. Their voices must remain part of Ohio’s decision-making process or coyotes will suffer painful and deadly fates.

What YOU Can Do:

Please take these crucial steps to ensure that scientists and animal activists still have a voice to protect coyotes in Ohio! Please contact your state legislators today by phone and by sending our letter.

1. Please call your one Ohio state senator and your one Ohio state representative now by clicking on the link below, entering your zip code, and clicking the Ohio tab. Then, make a quick call to their offices.

When the phone is answered, state your name, your town or city, and telephone number.

You may use this simple script: "Please oppose HB 553 to keep coyote management decision-making under the authority of the Ohio Division of Wildlife."

2. Please tweet at your state legislator. Once you find the identities of your state legislators in Step 1, click on the link to visit their websites. Select the Twitter symbol on their website to be redirected to their Twitter page, then sign-in to your Twitter account and click the tweet button to send your message.

You can send this message: “Don't turn coyotes over to ranchers and trophy hunters! Oppose #Ohio bill HB 553. #SaveOhioCoyotes #endkillinggames” 

3. Send our letter by filling out the form on this page. Personalization, especially in the opening sentence, is highly encouraged.


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