San Francisco Bay Area: Mourn the Point Reyes Wild Animals Killed for Dairy and Beef

San Francisco Bay Area: Mourn the Point Reyes Wild Animals Killed for Dairy and Beef

Despite the National Park Service’s duty to protect wild animals, plants, soil health, waterways, and coastlines, it continues to relentlessly prioritize the profits of ranchers and dairies renting our public land at below private cost. Hundreds of wild animals are dead or dying, because of this corruption and the National Park Service’s continued negligence of their responsibilities.

On November 21st, we will gather to honor the lives of, and mourn the ongoing deaths of these animals. The 15 dead Tule elk photo-documented by environmentalists, yet ignored by the Park Service, are only the most visible wild victims. Hundreds more small mammals, birds, and plants are killed each year by ranching and dairy operations. These are large, modern, for-profit operations that are opposed to the health of wildlands and the wildlife that depends on them.

This Tule Elk Likely Died Trying to Reach Water at Point Reyes National Seashore Photo: Matthew Polvorosa Kline

If you are as outraged as we are by this travesty, please join our community of wildland, park, wildlife, and animal admirers on November 21st at Point Reyes and help us continue raising public awareness of this ongoing tragedy. 

For scores of wild animals, this situation is a matter of life and death. We, therefore, ask you to dress for a funeral and bring your own signs. 
Please also remember to bring water to drink and a vegan lunch to enjoy in the park afterward. While we acknowledge the death and damage being done, we should also celebrate and honor all the life that is still here; as well as the countless animals that we are devoted to protecting.

What: “Death of a National Park” Memorial Service & Demonstration
When: Saturday, November 21, 11 am to 1:30 pm PT
Where: Exact Location inside Point Reyes National Seashore revealed on the Facebook event page next week.

If you can’t attend, but would still like to help the Tule elk and the other species in Point Reyes, please take the actions suggested on each of our urgent alerts, share this message with your family and friends, and donate to our ongoing campaign to save these unique animals. 

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