Save a Frog! Animal-Free Dissection Lessons at Home!

Save a Frog! Animal-Free Dissection Lessons at Home!

Unprecedented school closures have taken place all over the world to slow the spread of COVID-19, a disease that likely originated through the handling or consumption of a dead wild animal. We have teamed up with SynDaver—the makers of SynFrog, the world's most realistic synthetic frog—to launch our Too Cruel For School campaign! SynFrog eliminates animal-borne disease risks and is the ideal way to safely teach animal anatomy at a time when students are in need of safe and effective at-home learning activities.

Throughout the United States, over 10 million animals are killed for classroom dissection every year. Cats, pigs, rats, mice, and other animals are cut up and discarded, with frogs being the most commonly used animals in pre-college level dissections.

Millions of frogs are stolen directly from their wild habitats and killed to be used in schools throughout the U.S. on an annual basis. The frogs’ bodies are then preserved with toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde. This harmful chemical is known to cause cancer and is a dangerous asthma-trigger for children.  

Animal dissection encourages students to view animals as objects to use and discard. By cutting up and dismembering an animal, students are desensitized to violence towards living beings and are taught to disregard the value of a once-living, thriving animal. Once dissected, the carcasses of dissected frogs are thrown away and the cruel, wasteful cycle continues.

The Solution: SynFrog is a synthetic model designed to replace the use of frogs in classrooms.  


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This revolutionary model is made of water, fibers, and salts, and is designed to mimic living tissue. By utilizing SynFrog in the classroom and at home, students are able to master the learning objectives of animal dissection through a safe, hands-on activity, without harmful chemicals, cruelty, or the risk of animal-transmitted diseases. 


SynDaver will host weekly, teacher-lead dissection lessons on Facebook Live, starting on March 31, 2020, at 10:00 AM ET. New lessons will be livestreamed every Tuesday until schools reopen.


The livestreams are free to view for everyone. For those interested in a hands-on dissection activity, the lessons are designed to be used with the SynFrog Dissection Bundle. Click the link below and use promo code HOMESCHOOL to purchase the bundle for $150. Additional abdominal organ replacement pucks are available for $25 each to enable more than one dissection per SynFrog.


We are proud to partner with SynDaver, the makers of SynFrog, as part of our Too Cruel For School campaign.


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