VIDEO: Save Marine Animals From Plastic Waste!

VIDEO: Save Marine Animals From Plastic Waste!

Single-use plastics wreak havoc on Earth’s marine ecosystems. Marine animals have no choice but to live in these habitats which are inundated with plastics from humans that destroy marine ecosystems, and kill animals. We must take action to save the oceans and their marine animals before it is too late! 

Did you know every piece of plastic ever made still exist today? One of the biggest threats to animals and our planet as a whole is plastic consumption. Every year, we create nearly 300 million tons of plastic worldwide (a staggering 185 pounds of plastic per person), and 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the oceans. With a whopping 83 million people added to the world’s population every year, global plastic use is set to double by 2034!

We must drastically reduce our use of plastics to save the planet’s marine ecosystems. Shockingly, fishing nets comprise 10% of ocean plastic pollution and are responsible for suffocating and killing countless fish and marine animals. These discarded fishing nets, ropes, and lines, also referred to as “ghost gear,” are easily carried by ocean currents and are made of durable plastics designed to last for hundreds of years. These deadly phantoms float through the depths of the oceans, ensnaring and killing marine life perpetually in an endless cycle of death.

People all over the world are making efforts to cut down on their use of plastics, however, the adage “reduce, reuse, recycle” is no longer enough since only 5% of plastic is recycled globally. Eliminating fish from your diet and single use plastic items will make a significant impact when it comes to reducing plastic waste in the environment.

To find out how to eliminate fish, and all animal products from your diet, click here.

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