Slitting the Necks of Geese is No “Harvest for Charity”

Slitting the Necks of Geese is No “Harvest for Charity”

On May 12, the Urbana Park District Board of Illinois unanimously voted to kill 80 geese who live at Crystal Lake Park, despite strong public opposition. The District has even had the nerve to call this violent goose killing a “charity harvest.” Nothing could be further from the truth! Terrified geese will be herded, separated from their families, and carted away to a slaughterhouse if we don’t act right away. Help us stop this madness and save 80 innocent geese!

If this monstrous plan moves forward, dozens of unsuspecting geese will be rounded up during molting season, while they  are flightless and defenseless. Most of the geese will be separated from their goslings and violently pushed into cages, while the rest will be left vulnerable, terrified, and traumatized.


The Board’s rash decisions were pushed through to begin the park’s $2.5 million renovation plan. Local activists weren’t notified about the goose roundup in time to voice their concerns, so they staged a protest.

The Urbana Park District’s own reports show five years of steady improvement and a marked population decrease of 12% in the last two years using nonlethal strategies like habitat modification, nesting management, and humane hazing. Despite the District's lip-service, no efforts have actually been made to plant taller grass or to set up a "tolerance zone" for geese away from human activities as long-term solutions to help control population sizes in the future.

Goose poop complaints can easily be remedied by hiring companies to clean the waste, which is an effective fertilizer and not a health hazard as claimed. Sadly, the birds’ lifeless bodies will become actual waste because no credible charities will risk feeding pesticide-laden goose flesh to food pantry patrons.

Please tell Urbana there is no rush to kill the resident Canada geese who live in Crystal Lake Park., and to take the necessary time to implement effective and humane management strategies. This roundup must be cancelled before helpless animals are traumatized and senselessly killed!

What YOU Can Do:

1. Call Urbana Park District Superintendent Derek Liebert and Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin to urge them to cancel their plans to traumatize and kill 80 geese who live peacefully at Crystal Lake Park.

Urbana Park District, dial (217) 344-9583, and leave a message for Superintendent Derek Liebert

Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin, (217) 384-2456

You can say, “I implore you to cancel the wasteful, cruel charity goose slaughter. Please give effective humane alternatives a chance!”

2. Comment on the Urbana Parks District Facebook and Twitter pages. Please tag Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin and reporter Ben Zigterman in your comment.

You can say, “Practice compassion for animals, including geese! Cancel the wasteful, cruel charity goose slaughter @dwmarlin @bzigterman now.”

3. Please sign our letter urging the Urbana Park District Board of Directors, the Urbana Park District Superintendent of Planning and Operations, the Mayor of Urbana, and the Urbana Parks Foundation Board of Trustees to cancel their planned goose roundup.

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