Stop US Government Trophy Hunting Madness

Stop US Government Trophy Hunting Madness

This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Please sign our other alerts.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is making moves to appoint a board that would promote international trophy hunting. The deceptively named "International Wildlife Conservation Council" would promote the "benefits of international hunting." In other words, this council will actively promote killing animals for profit, many of whom are endangered with their dwindling populations dangerously close to becoming extinct. Can you imagine a world where lions, elephants, rhinos, and leopards only exist in books? We cannot allow greed to wipe out some of the most magnificent creatures on earth!

The Council threatens to eliminate animal protection laws under the Endangered Species Act, making it simpler to engage in wild animal killings and to import their bodies as trophies.

Conservation claims made by trophy hunters have been repeatedly debunked. Scientific studies show that trophy hunting directly contributes to the extinction of certain animals and money from trophy hunting tourists is rarely used to help threatened species.

This shortsighted promotion of trophy hunting has the potential to cause irreversible damage to ecosystems and biodiversity as a whole. Killing off wildlife, for profit or any other reason, harms individuals and places their species at risk of extinction. Make your voice heard and stand against the senseless slaughter of elephants, lions, and all wild animals!


Please tell Secretary Ryan Zinke, by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page, that the public will not be duped by the greedy and misleading agenda of the International Wildlife Conservation Council and its efforts to promote the murder of innocent animals who are crucial to their ecosystems.

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